Nitra - Common Vetch

A quality vetch for forage production or green manuring

  • Common vetch
  • Very early, vigorous, highly productive variety
  • Suited for forage production and green manuring
  • Recommended for spring sowing in regions with severe winters and autumn sowing in other regions
  • Exceptionally adaptable variety, making it suitable for all types of management
  • High protein content
  • As a green manure it gives improved soil structure

    Nitra, the quality common vetch, is the result of advanced breeding and intensive selection techniques. It is a very early, vigorous, and highly  productive variety, which is well suited to both forage production and green manuring.


    Nitra is well adapted to growing  during short days and will therefore give considerably better autumn production than other varieties. Forage production from spring sowing is a cycle of 70-100 days. The green manure cycle is 80-100 days.


    Sown in early autumn, Nitra can produce silage crops of 2-3 tonnes of dry matter before winter and 9 tonnes of dry matter per hectare in spring. Spring sown silage yields of up to 8 tonnes of dry matter per hectare are possible, depending on the sowing date. Assuming  a yield of 8 tonnes of dry matter NITRA will produce at least 1.5 tonnes of protein per hectare.


    Management application

    • Sowing rate: 100-125 kg/ha.
    • It is recommended to sow vetch in (10-15 cm) rows at a depth of 2-3 cm.
    • Fertiliser requirements for both forage production and green manuring:
    • Phosfor (P2O5):  80 kg per ha.
    • Potash (K2O): 100 kg per ha


    Nitra is best time harvested about 8 days after the first peas appear, which is when the highest protein yield will be achieved. Hay can be made from NITRA if it is cut just when it starts flowering, or if grazing is started at the same stage, it can be rotationally grazed every 2-3 weeks.

    Common vetch

    Vetch can be used for green manuring and for annual protein-rich forage production. It provides good soil structure and weed control due to its rapid germination and development. Vetch can be grown on all soil types but requires a moderate pH-value on sandy soils.

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