Capello - Winter vetch

Highly efficient and effective soil nitrogen producer

  • Winter vetch
  • Suited to a wide range of soil types
  • Soft seeded alternative to tradional hard seeded species
  • Highly efficient and effictive soil nitrogen producer
  • Ideal as a break crop or green manure crop and well suited for hay production
  • Strong weed competition
  • Moderate drough tolerance



    Capello Winter Vetch demonstrates mid maturity along with a semi erect growth habit. Capello is suited to a wide range of soil types, performing better on lighter soil types compared to other Vetch species. Most varieties of Vetch are very hard seeded which can cause problems in following crops, potentially becoming a weed in future legume crops. Capello was selected to provide growers with a soft seeded alternative to traditional Winter Vetch varieties. This makes it well suited to short term cropping rotations whilst providing the added benefits of moderate drought tolerance and being a highly efficient and effective soil nitrogen producer. Mature plants form a dense canopy providing strong weed competition. Capello is ideal as a break crop and is well suited for hay production or turned in as green manure crop to improve soil health.


    Capello has the ability to produce high dry matter yields through winter and spring or add high quality feed and bulk when mixed with cereals for hay. The soft seed habit of Capello combined with its high biomass and nitrogen production makes it a great crop rotation option. 


    Sowing Rate:15-30 kg/ha (Pure) 6-8 kg/ha (Pasture Mixes) 15-30 kg/ha (Cereal Mixes)


    Capello characteristics

    Rainfall required: 375 mm+

    pH-range (CaCl2): 4,8 – 8,0

    Maturity: Mid-Late

    Flowering :10% at 124 days, 100% at 144 days

    Application: Silage/hay,  green manure crop

    Sowing rate: 4-10 kg/ha, in mix with grasses and legumes



    Winter vetch

    Vetch can be used for green manuring and for annual protein-rich forage production. It provides good soil structure and weed control due to its rapid germination and development. Vetch can be grown on all soil types but requires a moderate pH-value on sandy soils.

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